Miner is Not Available for My Private Ethereum Network

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I’ve been working to build some knowledge and skills around Blockchain technologies lately and was trying to use geth as both the server and a miner node for a private network. I created the network using geth --datadir=./chaindata/ init ./genesis.json. After launching the console in another window using geth attach, each time that I tried to invoke miner.start(), I was met with an error because miner was unknown. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much help in searching the web - there seemed to be few, if any, mentions of it.

It turns out that the default set of APIs that geth published did not include miner, nor did it include admin which is often referenced by tutiorials for managing the network. The good news is that these are easily configured using the --rpcapi parameter; launching the network using geth --datadir=./chaindata/ --rpc --rpcapi "eth,net,web3,admin,personal,miner" fixed my issue.

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